Keep these simple steps handy:
1. Wash
Choose a water-based cleanser or gentle soap
Use warm (not hot) water
Don’t rub or scrub
2. Shave
Try an electric razor – or use your manual razor with great care
Soften beard with warm water (or shave gel, if manual shave)
Avoid products with alcohol, menthol or fragrance
3. Smooth
Let skin rest a bit before applying other products (reduces sting)
Swab skin with toner, using cotton ball to apply
Dot moisturizer on cheeks/forehead/chin and rub in softly
4. Protect
Use sunscsreen with SPF 15 or higher when outdoors
Don’t forget to apply to ears, lips, back of neck and arms
Cover head with hat or cap and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.
5. Enhance
Hide dark circles or facial marks with concealer/tint
Dot concealer on discolored area, blot excess, blend edges
Important: Never use products on radiation areas. Consult your doctor.

1. Cut
Always comb gently and use mild shampoo
Clip hair short to offset hair loss
Don’t shave head with razor (cuts can cause infection)
2. Cover
Hats or hair prostheses can conceal hair loss
3. Counteract
Smooth thinning brows with gel
Fill in gaps lightly with brow pencil
Consider wearing eyeglasses with heavy frames


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